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VideoImpact- Corporate Presentations
- Duplication
- Foreign Conversion (PAL & SECAM)
- Film Transfer (8mm, S8mm, 16mm)
- Video Keepsake (Video Photo Album)

Corporate Presentations -
Corporate Video Presentations
DVD - TRANSFER from any format to DVD. Whether VHS tape, Hi8 (regular or digital), miniDV, or BetaSP—we can accommodate the request. Let us EDIT your corporate presentation, promotion clips, family reunion, or special events, etc. and TRANSFER to DVD.

CD-ROM - We can transfer your source clips to an AVI, MPEG, JPEG, or QuickTime file for use on the internet or multimedia presentations.

TRANSFER from any format to DVD
Duplication - VIDEO IMPACT OFFERS THE HIGHEST QUALITY DUPLICATION in any quantity, Most Formats, Same Day Service, Competitive Pricing, Sleeve with Label, High Grade Tape and Shipping Available.

Foreign Conversion (PAL & SECAM) - Video Impact can convert any foreign format tape to the US standard (NTSC). Or, if your need is to convert a US formatted tape to a foreign standard, we can accommodate that as well. We only need to know what country or geographic regions is required.

Foreign Conversion (PAL & SECAM)
Film Transfer (8mm, S8mm, 16mm) - Video Impact does all the film transfer work IN HOUSE. We are recognized in the industry as the premier facilitator of this service. We transfer first to high quality tape to accommodate the broad editing. The final product can be transferred to DVD if requested. Transfer all your old home movie film today and stop further loss of quality and clarity. Once transferred you can go through our editing service—add music and titles to create a lively personalized production.

Film Transfer
Video Keepsake (Video Photo Album) Make any special event an eternal treasure with our BRINGING PHOTOS TO LIFE Photo Album. You can use still photographs, slides, newspaper clippings, and/or video clips to create a very personalized presentation. Incorporate music and titles/captions to present a truly unique gift. Perfect for weddings, anniversaries, graduations and family reunions. Available on VHS tape or DVD.

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